I was born in Missouri , as a little girl I always wanted to be a Christian. I remember when I was very young, about 5 years old when I read the little children bible and I just loved to read that book. My dad died when I was eight years old and that is when I started to talk to God almost every night before I went to sleep, asking him to tell my dad that I LOVE HIM and that I want to be a Christian. I don't know how I knew how to pray or why I wanted to speak to God, I mean there were very few people around me who were truly following God. I love going to church and hearing about the lord Jesus Christ and God. I guess I wanted to fit in or wanted someone to love me for who I was. Then at the age of 12 I move to New York. I always wanted to move to New York. Then I started to go to my aunt church and I really like the church. I believe it was around Christmas time when I accepted Christ into my life. I was really happy about that day. To me I felt different, I saw things in a whole different way.I woke up every morning to read the bible and to talk to my Father God. I'm not going lie there were times where I got off track with God. I kept falling and getting back up. But now I want to stay close to God , having a close relationship. And it's hard cause I don't have people around me who are truly following God . I ask God can you pleases send me some Christian friends. I need people around me who are really standing firm for God. There are times where I wonder If I'm suppose be a christian because I am struggling everyday and it hurts.


stephanie said…
You are really a strong person to talk about that,I can tell you I may be older but I got so much stuff I can't even talk aboutI luv ya for being so honest because Im a person that hides her true feeling without bringing them up ,you really gave me a since of confidence by sharing that.and you said you sometimes you question you being a christian do not ever ask your self that when you feel down just think ppl hated jesus ,remember you are loved,and as far as having a real christian friend im that person god has brought us to get to know one another so don't worry

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