I wanted to thank my Father God for everything. Thank you Lord, for protecting me and forgiving me of my sins after so many times I have disobeyed you. There's no one on this earth that can make me feel the way you do. NO MAN OR WOMAN CAN COMPARE TO YOU. I'm so happy to have you and Jesus in my life. The day I was saved was and still the most wonderful day of my life. All I want is you in my life, to tell me what and which way to turn. I want to get to know you MORE AND MORE. Waking up at 4:30 just to start my day off and talk to you is worth EVERY bit. To be in your presence is overwhelming. I LOVE YOU with all my heart. And going to try my hardest to make you happy.


Anonymous said…
Asia, this is what true worship looks like. Stand firm and keep growing in the knowledge of God.
sight giver said…
Dont lose that hunger for God sis! This world will come to provide distractions in every way possible, but u keep setting your eyes on him..


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