What the Lord can do
Lord, I walk in school sometimes sad because I have no friends, get no attention from boys, don't feel pretty and I feel like an out cast. Praying to you to help with depression. Then I started to spend more time with you and reading my bible more. Something in me change. I don't worry about not having friends in school, your my friend (a real friend). Getting attention from boys is far from my mind. I want to make you happy and please you in every way. About feeling pretty you make me feel beautiful, loved, special, and worth something. Thank you Lord, for changing me and making my life better. I go through life worrying about nothing because your in it. Your the greatest thing that every happen to me. Thank you.


sight giver said…
Hey sis, keep running after the Lord and cultivating that pure heart..God will always be the satisfaction of your soul and He will lead u and guide u every step of the way.

Anonymous said…
That was so sweet. When you said, "About feeling pretty you make me feel beautiful, loved, special and worth something". You are so right.You are far more precious than gold, rubies, and pearls. You are worth the Father's most precious possesion, His Son.

the guy from Kansas City

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