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My Art Work

I want to thank God that I can play the piano, paint, draw, and take pictures. I might not know how to sing but I do have some kind of talent. I am grateful for that. I sometimes hear people complain that they don't have any talents or something that is cool, but I think that we all have something we can do or good at in life. Rather that be encouraging people, cleaning, cooking ,singing, being a good friend, we all have something that we should be grateful for. Being a good friend is what people need when they need someone to talk to. Or encouraging people can make someone day by just telling them that everything will be okay or some other words of encouragement. Like I said before we all have something to offer. No matter how stupid someone might call it.

High School

Being a senior or just being in high school is hard. Especially when you are a Christian that is following Him. I think like most young people you want to fit in but as a Christian it might be hard trying to fit in with this world. The world view of things are totally different from God's. I sometimes think to myself do I want to fit in this world or with God. I know that living in this world I can get addicted to it. I can fall in love with all the shoes, clothes, and boys. I'm a girl so I guess it would be human nature for me to want those things. But as I get older and have a relationship with God, all I want is Him. I see so many girls in my school who are just giving themselves to boys. So many of them go from boys to boys. Having sex and kissing each other. I use to want that because I wanted that love (at least I thought that was love). For someone to hold me. I see now that is not what life is and that is not the kind of love I want. I want to be love like it says in …

Spending Time with God

I have been spending time with God and I never knew that spending time with my Father could be so exciting. In spending time with him, I tell the Lord everything and I mean everything. I love that I can be honest about situations going on in my life and to know that it is okay to cry, be happy, and tell God all my secrets. I know it might sound crazy to tell God something that HE already knows about but to me, I think it is so cool to know that I can have a relationship with God and be honest with him. I tell him the truth about how I feel about things and I tell him all my worries and joys. I want to continue to have that kind of relationship with the Lord. I really want to get closer to HIM. I have found myself asking Him to never leave me because I CANNOT live without Him. I want to be an ambassador for Christ and to be sold out for him. I sometimes say that I want to be crazy for Him more than the girls that are crazy for Usher or maybe even Bow Wow. I was looking at Isaiah 54:5 F…

The Year of 2007

I can’t believe that I made it (so far) but I did. I have truly grown and I hope this year that I will continue to grow. This is my last year in high school and I am very happy about that but I'm also scared. I don’t know what’s ahead of me but I will trust My Father. High school has been one of the most stressful things in my life. School can be hard trying to fit in and to want people to like you. But ever since I have been having a relationship with God I want to be close to Him and live for him. I want Jesus to be my LIFE. I CAN NOT live without him, I am total lost without him. I need him and I don’t want to live without him. I need that Father and daughter relationship. I hope this year that I will continue to change and grow. To be able to have a deeper relationship with him (relieve on HIM). I want to be able to tell the Lord EVERYTHING, just want to be real with him like I am with my friends. I hope that I will not run away from him but to be hungry for him and thirsty fo…