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Legacy Conference

From Aug. 9-11, I was in Chicago, Illinois at the Disciplining Making Conference and I experienced so much in those three days. I meet my sisters in Christ at the airport and I first excited to get off the plane, second to be able to see my sisters again, and third to know I was going to the conference. I didn't know what to expect but I was ready for want was coming. That night we went to the Conference and had to pick a workshop to go into, I choose Sound Doctrine were Arziel, Shai Linne and Tony were teaching the class. That workshop was so amazing I never knew I could learn so much in that specific class, I was so overwhelmed by all that I was hearing. I want to cry because I was never taught those things in my church. I knew my church was teaching me somethings that were not biblical and I knew for the first time in that workshop I was learning. I loved that class and will never forget what I learned.

I experienced something else I never thought possible, I meet Shai linne and…