My Personal Mission Statement

  • Listen- be slow to speak, listen then give thoughts.
  • Love- frist love God with all you heart,love others and love yourself.
  • Trust- Trust God, the one who will never leave or hurt you. Let him direct your life.
  • Believe- know in your heart that you can do all things through Christ. Never give up on anything.
  • Campassonate- have this in you and you will go far in life.
  • Pray- be a praying woman of God, no matter how big or small the sisution is pray.
  • Be Humble- don't be prideful in life. Pride leads people in a downward life.
  • Succeed- in things that are worthy.
  • Confidence- is the trait you need to keep your head up.
  • Rest- in God, lay everything before him and don't stress or you'll end up with gray hair.
  • Wisdom- grow in wisdom.


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