Secret Santa

Me and my two roommates Heather and Melinda exchange our gifts for our so called "secret" Santa. I say "secret" because we were trying so to hard to figure out who had who. But it was there was a easy way to finding out. You see I had Melinda to give a present, so I knew that Heather did not have Melinda but ME (LOL). It was so funny. All of our gifts were really nice. From Heather, I got a bracelet, chocolate (smelling good) candle (that I REALLY wanted to eat) and Chai Tea. It was nice. Heather got from Melinda, a necklace, earrings, jewelry box. I got Melinda, a journal, bracelet, and soap (smells really good).In the room we played Christmas songs, then we went to a last breakfast that the college was having for everyone. It was a great night.


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