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Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone will have a great Christmas with their family. As always, remember our Savior and him dieing on the cross for our sins. . I am amazed that my Savior would even consider to save me. I am just thankful to be able to spend another Christmas with my family and love them all. Again I wish everyone a great Christmas.

Sower of Seed Video

I did a project for my New Testament class on the Sower of Seed passage with my group. Hope you like!!!


Abba, I want to praise You and thank you for everything. You are an awesome God and I love you. I pray for my brothers and sisters in the Faith, that they would grow in Your Word, not to let the flesh have it way. But walk by the Spirit. Pray that they would always lean on You and trust You. Pray that they would surrender to You. Please comfort them with Your Word, help them to not to forget WHO YOU ARE!!! For You are our Helper, Friend, Loving, Faithful, and Merciful. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a lovely day with their families. Be thankful today to a have a family and food to eat. I am in GA, and love that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Fall on Campus

I love when I see the leaves fall off the trees on my campus. I think it is the most beautiful site.

Prayer in Spanish


Eres Creador de los cielos y la tierra, Eres soberano, eres digno de todo honor. Te alabo, oh Dios, te adoro con todo mi ser. Gracias por Tu amor, Tu gracia , Tu paz, Tu gozo. Te doy todo mi amor, mu alabanza.



You are Creator of the heavens and the earth. You are sovereign, You are worthy of all honor. I praise You, oh God. I worship You with all my being. Thanks for Your love, Your grace, Your peace, Your joy. I give You my love, my prasie.

Picture From Campus

taken by my roommate.

What's Going On . . . . .

Well, its been a while since I have written on my blog. Please forgive me for not keeping my blog up to date. I have been really busy this semester with school. I am trying to do really well and sometimes I get discourage by my grades in school. I am really asking the Lord to help me keep my grades up. I am trusting in the Lord, and doing all I can do for my classes.

I wont be writing for a while because of school and trying get back on track with things that are going on. I just ask those who see this post to pray for me, as exam after exam come up. I will say that every once in a while I will put up my prayers for people, friends, and family.




It's been awhile since I put my prayers on this blog. So from my "Young Maiden Prayer Book"

Abba, For reasons I don't know you choose me, you love me and cared for me. I am a filthy human being and amazed that you still love me and want to spend time with me. Thank you for everything. I love you and want to live, serve and be obedient to you. Transform me into what you want me to be. Claim my terror and give me peace. I surrender all to you, take control because I have no idea what I am doing. I pray that I wont compromise anything for you. That my life would bring glory, honor, and blessing to Your name. And when that day come, when I am in front of you I will be easily recognize by You. My life is like grass that withers away, here one moment and gone the next. Help me to remember that, that I wont waste time. But my life would be to please you.


Falling in love with the Christian group Mercy Me music

My favorite is "God With Us"

Who are we that You would be mindful of us what do You see that's worth looking our way we are free in ways that we never should be sweet release from the grip of these chains like hinges straining from the weight my heart no longer can keep from singing.

all that is within me cries for You alone be glorified Emmanuel God with us my heart sings a brand new song the debt is paid these chains are gone Emmanuel God with us.

Lord You know our hearts don't deserve Your glory still You show a love we cannot afford like hinges straining from the weight my heart no longer can keep from singing. [back to chorus]

Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary nevertheless way law it at your feet.

Since I don't know how to upload videos here is the link:

Legacy Conference

I recently went to the Legacy Disciple Conference in Chicago, Illinois and it was one of the best things I went to. I remember the first time I went, it was also AMAZING and overwhelming. Well this year I went to the biblical womanhood workshop and it was truly a blessing. I learn so much in that class. This conference has encourage me to continue to spend time with the Lord and trust him in everything. They had three lovely women to come talk to us and basically taught us that:

Godly Women: -We as godly women have to be connected with God -Wake up early in the morning to seek His face -She must be discipline, Self control, Work diligent, Committed to excellence, -Must to dedicated, Know who she is in Christ. -To trained into becoming that biblical woman -Should be fasting -As sisters in the Faith we should be listening to each other, pouring into one another. -Memorizing scriptures

Note to those who are married: Godly Wife is: -Humble -Lowly in heart (doesn't need to have the last word) -…

Back to College!!!!

I just want to first start off this post just thanking God, for another school year and helping my mom pay for college. Today was the first day of classes and it was so exciting. I am a Social Work major so I am taking Intro into Social Work Profession also including, Spanish, New Testament, Info. Literacy, World Civ. 2, and Human Biology. I am so excited about Spanish and NT.

An interesting thing happen today in my New Testament class, we talk about 1Tim 2:16 (I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.) And MAN!!!, I must say you should have seen the faces of the girls and heard the response from them. They were surprise that the Bible would say that women cannot teach (pastor) in the church or even have authority over men. But I kind of knew that people in my class would respond the way they did because many of those ladies don't know the roles God has given us as women. So many people look at that verse and say "well that verse is…

Praise Report

I praise the Lord because I can now say that I am not afraid to fly airplanes and I am not afraid of death. I have been on eight airplanes this month alone. This fear had gotten the best of me, I would be afraid to leave the house or even go to sleep. Every time I got on the airplane, I wanted to get off and could feel my heart beating fast. But I had two scriptures:

I sought the LORD, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4
Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God (I will praise His word), In God I have put my trust; I will not fear. Psalm 56: 3, 4
I memorize these scriptures, prayed and trusted in the Lord. I thank God that I am no longer afraid of airplanes or death.

Godly Women From the Past (Gladys Aylward Part 2)

Quotes from Gladys Aylward
"I wasn't God's first choice for what I've done for China…I don't know who it was…It must have been a man…a well-educated man. I don't know what happened. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he wasn't willing…and God looked down…and saw Gladys Aylward…And God said - "Well, she's willing."
“If God has called you to China or any other place and you are sure in your own heart, let nothing deter you….Remember, it is God who has called you and it is the same as when He
called Moses or Samuel.”

"My heart is full of praise that one so insignificant, uneducated, and ordinary in every way could be used to His glory for the blessing of His people in poor persecuted China."

Godly Women From the Past (Gladys Aylward Part 1)


Gladys Aylward (Missionary to China)
Date of Birth: February 24, 1902- January 3, 1970
Aylward was born in a working-class family in Edmonton, London. At a young age she had a heart to be a missionary. But was turned down by the China Inland Mission because her academic background was inadequate.
But Ms. Aylward did not give up, She worked as a housemaid, confident that God would help her. At the age of 30 she got on a train from Liverpool station in London to ride across Europe and Russia. A war was going with Japan, Russia and China. It was very dangerous travel for Aylward but she kept moving and finally got to China. In China is were she got a job assisting a retired missionary lady at an inn for muleteers. Aylward learned the Chinese language, and started to go into small villages sharing the gospel and began to take in unwanted children. Soon she had 20 children under her roof, and addition to that she had 30 to 40 wounded soldiers that she cared for.
A war was …

Godly Women From The Past ( AMY CARMICHAEL Part 2)

Qutoes from AMY CARMICHAEL "You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving."

"Blessed are the single-hearted, for they shall enjoy much peace. If you refuse to be hurried and pressed, if you stay your soul on God, nothing can keep you from that clearness of spirit which is life and peace. In that stillness you will know what His will is.”
“I wish thy way. And when in me myself should rise, and long for something otherwise, Then Lord, take sword and spear And slay.”

Godly Women From The Past ( AMY CARMICHAEL Part 1)



Date of Birth: December 161867January 181951

Amy was born in a small village in Ireland, her partents were Presbyterians. She suffer from a disease called neuralgia in which made her body weak and achy. This disease would have her in beds for weeks. At the Keswick Covention, Amy heard a speaker talk about missionnary work and from then on she knew she called to do missions work.

At a young age Amy would pray that God would change her eye colour from brown to blue. But unfortunate it never happen. But as she got older, Amy realize that her brown eyes would gain acceptance by the Indians who have brown eyes.

Amy started a prayer group with poor factory girls. Though some people did not want anything with these girls, Amy saw something in them and she wanted to reach out to the girls about Christ Jesus.

Work in India

There were many young girls that were dictate to gods and prostitution to earn money for their presets. Amy work with these young ladies and some of t…

There Is Nothing Like Family

This week I lost my grandfather back home in Missouri and it has been very sad for me and my family. I visit my family in Missouri and it was just great to see all my family members. Being in Missouri has taught me a lot about the importance in being with family. I did not realize until now that it has been four years since I have visit my hometown Kansas City, Missouri. When I was in Kansas City it shown me how much I miss home. When I was in college I was hardly calling my godmother, aunties, uncles, and cousins. When I came back to New York I felt pretty sad because I let four years go by without visiting my family back home. It was nice to see everyone and I just pray to the Lord that I will have more opportunities to visit them. I love my whole family and I thank God for every last one of them.

Here are some of the pictures that I took back home:

I would like to dedicate this post to my grandfather who past away this past week. He will be miss by everyone who knows him. He was the …

Godly Women From The Past (Mary Slessor Part 2)

Quotes from Mary Slessor

Thoughts in Mary Bible:
"God is never behind time"
"Good is good, but it is not enough; it must be God"
"An arm of flesh never brings power""Blessed the man and woman who is able to serve cheerfully in the second rank — a big test""If you play with temptation do not expect God will deliver you"
Other Thoughts From Mary:
"dreamed that she saw the whole region being won for Jesus, and the people coming to His house clothed and in their right mind"
"O God!" she prayed, "old and feeble and unworthy as I am, help me to win them."

She told those who were being tranined: "You must be the leaders of your race and help them to rise, but you can only lead others to Jesus if you follow Him closely yourself."
To her children she would say: "Keep close to Jesus"
"God will go with you and keep you," she said. "Try and find out some one who preaches the Gospel and keep near…

Godly Women From The Past (Mary Slessor Part 1)

Introducing . . . . . . .


Date of Birth: December 2, 1848-January 13, 1915

Early Life:
Mary was born in Aberdeen but at the age of 11 years old her family move to Dundee looking for work. Mary mother was the one that made sure that she went to church and a worker at a mill.

Soon this young woman would develop a interest in Christianity and joining a local mission teaching the poor. She was a very courageous women and a story to prove this was when she dared a gang of boys to swing a metal close to her face. Mary did not move at all and the boys had to attend her Sunday school.

Mary is known by those who know her to have a soft voice and loving heart.

In the year of 1876, she applied to the Foreign Mission Broad of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland. She was trained and the sent to Calabar. At this time Nigeria was in turmoil, slave trade and many disease was among the the missionaries. Mary herself suffer from the flu and malaria.

She lived among the people and that shock…

Godly Women From the Past (Susanna Wesley part 2)

Quotes From Susanna Wesley

Lessons to to be learn
When she told her daughter not to do something, her daughter did not listen. It was late and she and her mother were sitting beside a dead fire. Her mother said to her: "Pick up that bit of coal." "I don't want to," said the girl. "Go on," said her mother. "The fire is out, it won't burn you." "I know that," said the girl. "I know it won't burn me but it will blacken my hands." "Exactly," said Susannah Wesley. "That thing which you wish to do won't burn, but it will blacken. Leave it alone."
Susanna defintion of sin:

"whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes off your relish of spiritual things; in short, whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind, that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself."

"Help me, Lord, to rem…

Godly Women From The Past (Susanna Wesley part 1)


Susanna Wesley

Born in January of 1669, was the youngest of 25 children to Rev. Dr. Samuel Annesley, a noted scholar, beloved clergyman, a mentor to young seminarians, renowned and respected preacher, and chaplain.
She met Samuel Wesley and married him at the age of 19 and became Mrs. Wesley. Togther they had 19 children.
Things for Susanna were not always good her house burn down twice and in one of the fires her son could have died but was rescue from the fire.Susanna had loss nine children while they were infants, and when Susanna dead only eight of children were still alive.

Her husband suffer from poor financial ability and he had been jail at least two times. Her husband left her and the children for a year because of a minor dispute.
A Quote to her absent husband:“I am a woman, but I am also the mistress of a large family. And though the superior charge of the souls contained in it lies upon you, yet in your long absence I cannot but look upon every soul you lea…

Going on Vacation

I am going on vacation, to South Carolina and I can't wait. I am really excited about seeing my family and going to visit some museums. I hope the weather will be nice because I need some sun in my life right now. The weather in NY has be rainy and though I LOVE me rain, I also need some sun. I hope my visit in S.C. will be pleasant, I just can't wait to see my family.

I wont be posting for a while because the next weeks will be busy and I need to keep my focus of these scholarships essays. I have a lot of essays that will be due and I just want to get them out the way and put my hard work in each essay. I pray that the Lord will help me and provide the money for my school tuition. I know that He is in control, I am just leaning on Him and trusting Him. God is Faithful and my Provider.

I'M 20 YEAR'S OLD!!!!!!


WOW.........I am 20 years old and getting old LOLOLOL. I just want to thank God for letting me make it this far in life. I woke up this morning and spent time with the Lord just praying and seeking His face. I am truly thankful and honestly did not think I would make it this far. I feel so happy to know that I am 20 years old and I have the Lord is my Savior, there is no better feeling. He is always with me and loves me. I have life because of the Savior.
Dear God,
Please forgive me of all of my sins I have done Lord. Thank you for this day, you made me and before I was born you have chosen me. Thank you Lord for drawing me nearer to You and saving me.I ask that the years to come, that everything I do will glorify your Holy name. You are an awesome God and deserve all praise and worship. I love you Lord and thank you for everything. I pray that you will lead me and that I will always lean on You for everything Lor…

Biblical Women From the Past

I am doing a research/project of women of God I hope to emulate, a woman that is a good role model; someone I can look up to. I know many girls who look up to women that are not godly, that are flirtatious, and women who don't glorify God with their life. As a young woman I want to glorify God with my life, I want to set an example and not be a follower of this world. The list below shows what I will be blogging over time.

Write a biography about each women
Write a poem about each women
Write quotes from these women
Find Scriptures that demonstrate godly and spiritual traits

I am excited about doing this research/project, I will be taking my time because I want to get my information right about the women that I come across . I hope that the Lord will show me what He want to show me and teach me. How wonderful it will be to get to know the godly women from the past. I want to get to know them, want to know they done with their life, how they handle situations, etc.
Just a note: I got th…

The Gospel

The Gospel Is:

Foretold -Isaiah 41:27
Exhibits the Grace of God -Acts 14:3
Life and immortality are brought to light by Christ -2 Timothy 1:10
Is the power of God to salvation -Romans 1:16, 1 Thess. 1:5
Is glorious -2 Cor. 4:4
Is everlasting -1 Peter 1:25
Preached by Christ -Matt. 4:23
Must be Believed -Mark 1:15
Brings Peace -Luke 2:10
Produces hope -Col. 1:23
Saints have fellowship in -Phil. 1:5
Promises to suffer -Mark 8:35
Be careful not to hinder -1 Cor.9:12
Is hid to them that are lost -2 Cor. 4:3
Testifies to the final judgement -Romans 2 :16


I had to write a post on these delicious and sweet plumcot fruit. I heard my mother talking to her mom about these luscious fruit and they way she describe them I knew I had to get one of my own. So the next day while I was at work, I got me a plumcot, rinse the fruit off, paid 85 cents and ate me some plumcot. And I must say WOW this fruit was SOOOOOOOO SWEET, I was like, how could a small fruit be SO GOOD? I thank God for that fruit it is so good.

Bible Verse

This verse stood out to me:

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. Is. 32:17

Lies That I Have Been Told and Believed Part 1

I am reading "Lies Young Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh with my sister in Christ. Though we are only on the 2nd chapter of this book, it is such a good book and an eye opener.

I can still remember all the lies I was told and lies that I believe. The list below are the lies I believe:
I am ugly People always leaveI will always be lonely Got to have a guyI am worthlessLife is better if I was deadUnable to overcome certain sinsBeing popular is everythingHave to be loud to get attention from guysTall and skinny is better then being shortSince I was in kindergarten I was depressed until I reach the age of 16 years old. I honestly hated everyday I woke up because I knew I would deal with my useless self and that I would be put down by the way I look. I could not look at myself in the mirror and it seem everyday I would come home crying. Even at times, being at some of my family members would make me feel I was useless and ugly. All I could see was this shor…

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there. I am thankful that you take care of your family and being the provider and leader of the house.


I struggling with fear, and there are times I become so afraid at night I can't go to sleep. I am afraid to to die, afraid to get on air planes (which I must say I use to love air planes), afraid to be alone, anywhere. I am afraid of getting older and getting into trouble I can't get out of. I am afraid of what's to come, but I came across the bible verse Isaiah 12:2

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation."
This Scripture has help me to realize that the Lord is my strength. So happy I can talk to the Lord about whatever is going on with me. It might not be tomorrow that my fear will go away but I know if I stay in the Lord's face I will be deliver. I will trust and not be afraid.

Who Is God


Is a spirit -John 4:24 Light-James 1:17Love -1 John 4:8,16Unsearchable-Romans 11:33Eternal-Psalm 90:2Immortal-1 Timothy 1:17Omnipotent-Genesis 17:1, Exodus 6:3Omniscient-Psalm 139:1-6Omnipresent-Jeremiah 23:23 Only-wise-Romans 16:27, 1 Timothy 1:17Glorious-Psalm 145:5Most High-Psalm 83:18Perfect-Matthew 5:48Holy-Psalm 99:9Just- Isaiah 45:21True-John 17:3Upright-Psalm 25:8Righteous- Psalm 145:17Good-Psalm 25:8, Psalm 119:68Great-Psalm 86:10Gracious- Psalm 116:5Faithful-1 Corinthians 10:13Merciful-Psalm 86:5Long-suffering-Micah 7:1Jealous-Nahum 1:2Compassionate-2 Kings 13:23A Consuming fire- Hebrews 12:29None beside Him- Isaiah 44:6None before Him- Isaiah 43:10None like Him-Jeremiah 10:6None good but Him-Matthew 19:17Should be worshiped in spirit and truth- John 4:24

Writing Letters

Everyone now a days send emails and letter writing is hardly heard of. People use to always write letters but now with the telephones and Internet, it is less likely that anyone will find a letter from a loved one in their mail. It is so easy to write an email and send it off but when someone take their time out to write a letter it says(well to me) something different. In in a letter a person takes their time to write all their thoughts in a letter. With a letter people are most likely to put that letter in a special place and save it. People can always come back to that letter and read the words of someone that love them. I love to write letters to people with encouraging words. I have wrote my uncle in jail just to let him know who is God and that I am thinking about him and praying for him. I have also wrote many other people in my family and they have appreciate the letter. With a letter you can put all the love you have for someone down.


I was asked in a book I am reading How does pride manifest itself? How does God veiw it? What are the consequences of having a proud heart? I did my research in the Bible and found out:

The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts. -Psalm 10:4
Oh, love the LORD, all you His saints! For the LORD preserves the faithful, And fully repays the proud person. -Psalm 31:23
The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate. -Proverbs 8:13
When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom. -Proverbs 11:2
Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18
A man’s pride will bring him low, But the humble in spirit will retain honor. Proverbs 29:23
The pride of your heart has deceived you, You who dwell in the clefts of the rock, Whose habitation is high; Youwho say in your heart, ‘Who will bring me down to the ground? -Obadiah 1:3
And whoever exalts himself wi…

Raising Maidens of Virtue

I first heard about this book on a website called and I was very curious as to what this book is about. I read the book and now that I am finish I am happy I read this book. It has taught me a lot about femininity. This book has encourage me to put aside the things of this world and take on to becoming a godly woman. I really hope that mothers and daughters read this book together because it talks to biblical womanhood.


Dear Abba

I pray that You will be my first love in my heart and that I will have an increased desire to read, obey Your Word and worship You. I pray that I will be set free from any bitterness, anger and worry. That my life will be characterized by love, forgiveness, and God-centered trust. Lord put in me a habit to turn to You first when I am faced with trials. Renew my mind and grow me into the woman of God, You want me to be.

Bible Verse

You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

Miss You Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday, and though I can’t wish him happy birthday face to face I am just grateful to God for the time we spent together. I miss him and I can still remember the day I’d gotten the news that my dad had passed away. He was the one that took me places and taught me how to ride a bike. I can remember when I was eight years old, when I kiss him while he was in a casket at church. I remember how much it hurt to know my dad would no longer be on this earth. I can remember the nights I would pray to God that he would tell my dad that I love him. All I can say now is that I love you dad and I thank God for you


Dear God,

Please forgive me of every sin that I have done, Lord I thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have given me life and change me and I am grateful. I know you did not have to save me but you did. Lord I thank you for helping me in high school, and even in college. You have provided the money for my school tuition and I am truly grateful. Lord please help to continue to pay for college. I don't want to stress about the lack of money, so I am resting in my Savior who is my best friend and Provider.