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"Am I maintaining the kinds of boundaries in my relationships with men that promote biblical standards of purity?"

"Do I recognize and accept that God created the woman to complete, complement, and help the man?"

"Do I respond to men in ways that communicate appropriate respect and affirmation of their manhood?"

"Do I focus more time and effort on cultivating inner spiritual beauty than I do on matters of external beauty?"

"Am I concerned more about being holy than about being happy?"

"Am I placing my hope and trust in God rather than in people?"

"Do I dress modesty?"

"Do I have a reputation for being a women of moral virtue and godly character?"

"Do I bless my family, friends, and acquaintances by speaking words that are kind and wise?"

"Do I have a teachable spirit?"

"Do I receive instruction with a meek, obedient spirit?"

"Am I a hard worker?"

"Am I faithful in fulling practical responsibilities in my home?"

"Is my life a godly example to younger woman?"

"Am I self-controlled and temperate in the way I speak and in my lifestyle?"

"Have I yield all "rights" to God and therefore can respond with meekness and forgiveness when others wrong me?"

"Do I indulge my mind in suggestive books, magazines, television programs, or movies?"

"Is my behavior with men sometimes aggressive, bold, or flirtatious?"

"Do I take time to renew my mind with Word of God, so that I can be transform into the likeness of Jesus?"

"Am I faithful in praying for God to work in others' lives?"

"Am I quick to hear and slow to speak"?

These questions came from a book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss called Biblical Portrait of Womanhood. As I was going through this book I have said no to many of the questions of things I don't do at all. I know sometimes as a woman I can be mean (say really mean words) but I get convicted and repent for what I done. I was kind of sad at the end of this book becuase I so no to so many of the questions. This book made me realize that I need to work on some things. I need to pray to God about the questions that made me think do I or do I not do that? I look at these questions and I put my head down because I knew that their are somethings I don't do and have been struggling with.


Terry said…
Asia, remember that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. The truth is that I had to answer "NO" to many of these questions myself. It's better to be honest with God, ourselves and others about our struggles because in that step of humility you have opened the door for God to strengthen you in your areas of weakness. Stay encouraged, and thanks for stopping by my little blog. I appreciate the words of encouragement.
Asia said…
Thanks for encourgeing me, really happy you stop by my blog.

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