Looking Back

I was looking back at all my post and I notice a lot about myself as a Christian. I remember when I first started this blog I was 16 years old and at that age I did not like myself. I was very depressed and I did not have any friends. I was just so incomplete and unsatisfied with myself. I did not have Christian friends and I really needed that to help me along in my Christian walk with God. I see year by year I was writing different, I could see the difference in my relationship with God, my self-esteem was higher, did not want to kill myself, I just wanted to be with God. I wanted to be like him and have a relationship with him. I thank my Father from where he brought me in life. I am happy to be a child of God. Thank Him for answering my prayers about putting older Christian women in my life, about school, and having a relationship with Him. I praise my God. He is so good.

I can say that I hope that year by year that I will continue to grow as a Christian and be a woman after God.


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