Father in Heaven,

Let your name be reverence in all the world, for You are holy and deserve all praise. There is no one like You, you are our Provider, Healer, Deliver and so much more. Father I thank you for this day. I just want to thank you for my brothers and sisters in the Faith. I pray Lord that they will stay in Your face to seek you and have a relationship with You. I pray that they will love You with all their hearts and that they will put You first in all things. That they will submit to you and resist the devil. I know some of my brothers and sisters are being persecuted for their faith in You, but I pray that you will strengthen them and know that You love them. I pray for unity and love among us.


Terry said…
As a sister in Christ, I thank you for praying for me!
Otis said…
Shannon McGann said…
What a beautiful prayer. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! God bless you.

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