I am so happy that today is the last day of school for the Spring Break, I have two weeks of vacation and I just can't wait to see what is coming up. Last week I had so many midterms and it doesn't stop there I have more on the same week I come back to school. I hate when midterms come up because I don't know how to use my time wisely. I did not spend time with God as much as I should. I stayed up for long hours studying for my midterms and I have become really tried. I want to get back on track with spending time with my Savior and reading His word and get on track with school work. So far with my midterms I have gotten one back and I got an 97 in Psychology (Praise God!!!!). I had to study 230 questions the day before the midterm and I did really good and plus I study with a good friend. I will be going to SC and GA to visit my family and I can't wait to see them. I just pray that the next two weeks will be good and that God will use me present the gospel to my lost family members.


Terry said…
Congratulations on your psychology grade! Way to go. And I pray that as you evangelize your loved ones that someone's heart will be touched and they will come to know the Savior. Enjoy your break!

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