Serving My Family

I have the desire to serve my family with all my heart and to love on them. I not going to tell a fib it can be hard because I can be lazy and sometimes it is just hard. I want to prepare myself for the time that I might have my own family (if Lord’s will). I pray to God that by God’s grace that I will serve them with all my heart and with joy. I find it amazing to hear about woman of God serving their family with joy and love. I sometimes hear women and how they feel that their family is a burden to them. And when I think about that and I wonder “is it that bad”? Will I don’t know but having a family can’t be that bad. I believe our family is a precious gift from God and I don’t think it is good to take them from grated. Sometimes our family can get us upset but at the end of the day they are our family and we should love them no matter what. I pray that I will serve my family well, in my single years and even when I get married and have children.


Terry said…
Like anything worth doing, serving a family is hard work. That said its also a great joy to have a family to serve and the joy ar outweighs any inconveniences one may encounter.

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