I have been so busy with studying for finals and now that that is over I am at home trying to settle in and get things here at home that need to be done. I have a chance to get my job back and make some money for the school. I pray that this summer the Lord will help me in paying for my tuition. I can’t believe that the first semester in college went by so fast and I have learned a lot this semester that I will carry on to the next semester. I will more productive in every class and make sure that everything that I do is with my heart and done correctly. My prayer for this summer would be that everything that I do would glorify the name of the Lord and that I would use my time wisely. I really don’t want this summer to go by and have not done anything. I plan on writing essays every week for scholarships and I pray that I will receive some money from these scholarships. Pray that all will be well with this summer. In June I will be 20 years old and I am excited and scared because I will be an adult and I don’t know if I am ready for this journey of life. But I know as long as I put God first everything will be okay. I Pray that I will be made and transform into the woman of God He has called me to be.


Hey Yall... said…
Amen sis. Striving to be a woman of God by letting Him transform you...spoken like a true 20 year old(to be ;) ). I will be praying for your financial situation sis.
Asia said…
yea, i can't believe i made it this far in life. thanks for praying

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