Going on Vacation

I am going on vacation, to South Carolina and I can't wait. I am really excited about seeing my family and going to visit some museums. I hope the weather will be nice because I need some sun in my life right now. The weather in NY has be rainy and though I LOVE me rain, I also need some sun. I hope my visit in S.C. will be pleasant, I just can't wait to see my family.

I wont be posting for a while because the next weeks will be busy and I need to keep my focus of these scholarships essays. I have a lot of essays that will be due and I just want to get them out the way and put my hard work in each essay. I pray that the Lord will help me and provide the money for my school tuition. I know that He is in control, I am just leaning on Him and trusting Him. God is Faithful and my Provider.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy belated birthday! Have a safe trip also.
Meredith Ivy said…
Hi Asia!

Happy 20th Birthday a few days late! I hope you're enjoying your trip to SC. Thanks for your comment at my blog~ I just added you to my blog link list too...

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