A Personal Thought

This past week I was invited by my mentor to a Hmong fellowship. It was so great to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ that loved the Lord. My favorite part was when we were all in a circle going around sharing what the Lord had been teaching and showing us. I was truly amazed to hear everyone testimony.

I know lately the Lord has been telling me to trust Him. It is not always the easiest thing to do. I hate that I think if I "just know what YOU are doing, I will be okay." I pray that I always remember who my God is. He is a Faithful and Trusting God. I can always lean on HIM.

I loved what my mentor shared, is to not only to hear but listen, not only to listen but be obedient to what the Lord says and do it. I know for myself that I can hear something and not do what I was told to do. I can run but of course I can not hide from my God and what He has told me to do (just like Jonah could not run from God). I have been praying that my ears would always listen and do what He wants me to do.


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