My 21st Birthday

Wow, I am late putting up a post about my birthday. Yes, I am 21 (JUNE 22) and I don't feel or look like I am 21. I am so happy that the Lord has let me live this long on this earth. So many people die when they are younger, but the LORD is GREAT, AND THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM. I am excited about the road ahead, the ups and downs. I am excited as to what the Lord will show me and teach me. My prayer is that as a young woman that I will continue to trust and wait on the Lord. To fall deeply in love with HIM and His Word. To walk in obedience of His word.

I went to the Wax Museum in NYC and took pictures with stars, it was fun and was great to be with my family.

This is me and Samuel L. Jackson

This is me, my godmother and Julia Roberts.


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