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I am in my second journal and soon I will be on my third journal. Today, I looked at the beginning of my journal to see what I wrote and it went like this:

Abba, what a lovely day. I want to praise and thank You for all things. I start this journal not knowing what I will write in the pages ahead. It is like life, I don't know what's to come but You do. I pray that you would transform me. That I would walk in Your ways and obey You. Show me areas in my life that are getting all my attention. I trust You Abba, help me this semester with my grades. I surrender all to You. Please take control. Help me to move forward and not to look back or
go back to my old ways. I pray Amen.

I find this prayer funny because, I would never have thought, that I would two jobs, meet new people and have gone through all the challenges I have gone through. I get excited but at the same time nervous about the future. To be honest, I never thought I would make it to the age of 21, but I am still here. I know that tomorrow is not promise for me, but my prayer will always be that the Lord would turn my eyes away from things that are not of Him and that I would bring glory and honor to His name. I see a pattern in my life: old things and old ways would try to sneak back into my life and try to get my off track. Soon, I will be going back to college and I have no clue who I will meet, what I will learn, the struggles and the joys that will come into my life. But I do know this, that as long that I am in Christ, everything will be okay. I know that I will not always have good days, but I will still be saved and have life in Christ. To me, that is all that matters.


Meredith Ivy said…
Thank you for sharing, Asia. This post and your prayer is an encouragement to me. That needs to be my prayer every day too. It's so easy to get caught up in non-essential stuff and forget what really matters. It's all about Jesus Christ!

I like the new blog layout colors too. :)
Asia said…
Thanks, I love your blog too.

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