What's Next.....

Wow, I just finish the five weeks as a mentor for the incoming students for Nyack College. I have learn so much about myself and have been challenge in so many ways. I have come to realize who I am as a person, I know that I am very strong and that I can do all things in Christ Jesus. I had to learn to be stern with the students and in turn I gain respect from the students. I also had the fear of talking to people I did not know and letting them know me as a person. I learn that I have nothing to fear and learned the importance in building relationships and friendships with people who are our siblings in the Faith. I walk away from this experience with new friends. I have also poured into the lives of both males and females. I have seen the importance of pouring into the students and seen the students develop. I am so happy that I have grown and that the Lord used me in being a mentor. I can't wait to see what is next, what I will learn and how I will be challenged.


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