Back from California

I had so much fun in California. I first want to thank God for a safe trip back and forth, after knowing there was something wrong with the plane. Thank God they found out the problem before boarding the plane. Visiting my friend Khambye, her family, friends and another good friend Andrea was awesome. I am so happy to know someone who truly has a heart for God. I love Khambye's heart for God and walking in His truth. She is now in Korea, to teach 7th graders English and focus on prayer. I ask that we keep her in prayers, that she will stay strong in Christ and continue to grow in Him.

I had the chance to visit Fresno, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I took a lot of pictures, ate Asian and Mexican food.... Here are some pictures I took:

Mountains were Beautiful

Khambye, Me Andrea

                                                                Seals were sleeping

Me and the Ladies

Bubble Tea (I love it)

                                                                          Me in Fresno
  This cross says Jesus Saves on the CA mountains

In and Out fast food place with Bible Verses on their cups

Me in San Francisco at the Pier


Meredith Ivy said…
I'm so glad you had a good trip! I loved seeing pictures.

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