A Trip to California

I am excited about this trip to visit my college friend and mentor in California name Khambye. She has influence me in so many ways. One way in particular was "praying for her family." On her wall was a list of her family members in which she was praying for their salvation. It was amazing to see and know what she was doing. God did answer her prayers, but she continues to pray for them. She has encourage me to to pray for my family and their salvation. I am so happy that God put such an amazing woman of God in my life. She is a woman that has a heart for God and I love that she continues to serve God with her life.

I am leaving this Saturday and can't wait to share some pictures.


Becky said…
Have a great trip! And God obviously brought you two together for a reason...isn't that great to think about? :)
Asia said…
Yes, it is an awesome thing... so thankful to God
Alicia said…
That's awesome. What a great reunion you will have with her!! Have a great trip! Are you going to NorCal or SoCal?

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