Great News!!!

I got nominated for Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. I am very happy about to know about this. I was not expecting it and never thought I would be nominated for something. I am happy to say that I was and thank God!!!


Alicia said…
Wow! What a great honor!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Miss Pancakes said…
That's a big deal...congrats!
Carolann said…
Great honour. The Lord is using you mighty. Your passsed as been now renewed in him.After all your heartaches. So you are precious in his site. After reading your testimony. God has blessed you hundred times over. He gives us new people when we get saved. Your river within you is overflowing. I have you on my follwer. I figured out how it works. Please drop over to my page in blogger. Mine is The Right To Write .


please be a foller of me. If you cannot get in. I thought I have so you can.

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