Day 1- Introduce yourself

Well, I feel my testimony tell who I am. But I will introduce myself again. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. I have two brothers and two sisters, mom and dad (like everyone else). But I grew up in New York for the last 10 years. At age 12 is when I got saved in NY in December.   I am now a college student majoring in social work. I hope to be a clinician social worker helping families. I live on campus with my roommate for four years and she is the greatest and my best friend. It was in high school, that my love for photography grew. I specifically love black and white photos. I also love to watch comedy movies, use to play the piano andclarinet. I love to draw, read, journal and my tea time. I also love kids and love that I am now an auntie to the most beautiful baby girl named, Jesalin.

I have dreams to helping all people and one day having a family and adopting children.  I am now an entrepreneur with two current businesses that I am growing.


Ashley Marie said…
Visiting from SITS. It's nice to meet you. Lovely verse in your header :)
Angela said…
Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is lovely and I really like the idea for the once-a-day blogging! I should do that but am afraid I will fall off the wagon on day 2 LOL!
Asia said…
Thanks you two for visiting my blog.

Yea I am also hoping I can do this 30 day challenge
Jessica said…
Sounds like you have great things ahead of you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the nice comment.
Alicia said…
Wow! This was nice to read!!! You sound so responsible!!! God is good!
Annie said…
Just found your blog and your head lines intrested me. So I started reading and found out that yeah - your blog is cool :D

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