Day 10- What you wore today

This post is not going to be to interesting. Today I work at a grocery store for four hours. All  I will be wearing is a black jean, black shoes, long sleeve shirt and a green sweater. I work in a produce department making salads in a room that is below 45 degrees. I also have a scarf for my neck so I wont become sick. I hate working in the cold so I try to stay warm the best way I can.


Ruth said…
Hi Asia, jeans and a long sleeve shirt are my all time favourite wear...:)
i hope you have a great day...
Kathi said…
I love to wear jeans too. I am a substitute school teacher so I do get to wear them. I try to dress them up a bit by wearing nice boots, sweaters, belts and jewelry. I hope you enjoy your day today Asia. Kathi
Angela said…
Hi Asia! Thank you for the comment on my post about our 3D ultrasound. It was very exciting!

And yes, I find that keeping my neck warm is half the battle to staying warm. My grandmother has knit me a zillion little scarves to go with different outfits and I love them!

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