Day 3- Your Parents

My Mother
My mom is the most beautiful woman.
When I think of her, I think of someone that is intelligent,
strong, confident, beautiful, loving, caring, and independent.
She has given so much of herself and I just want to show her that I love her.

My Father
At first thought of my dad, I smile.
 I am glad that I have memories of him
 even though it hard to know he is gone.
I still miss my father and wish I had more time with him.
I love the moments of him teaching me how to ride my bike and taking me places in his white Cadillac.

You can check out the poem I wrote called Red's Chameleon Eyes


Missy said…
I like this 30 day thing.

This makes me realize to savor the moment with my parents. It's hard to believe that I won't have them forever. Thanks for the reminder! :)
LaSandra said…
Very beautiful!
Angele said…
wow I love your blog!
It's so funny that you name yours "a lady in the making"
because mine is named "the making of a woman"
God bless,

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