Happy New Year!!!

Its a New Year. I can't believe that the year 2010 went so fast and a lot of great things happen. I want to first thank God for letting me and my family make it to another year. The most exciting thing that happen for me is becoming an auntie. I love my niece so much and even as I think of her, I always smile. She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and she is so funny. I am so thankful for her and pray for her. I am also thankful for another year in college, I love going to a Christian College because I am always challenged, convicted, learn and grow. There were a lot of things I learned in the year 2010. I learned that life is unexpected, things are given and taken away, to love others even when they hurt you, and I learned it is okay to be open to others.

As the New Year is here now, I pray over many things and look forward to many things. I am happy that I will be doing the Fast A Meal to pray for someone salvation, I will continue to pray for my niece development, my family and friends. I plan on focusing more on building my two business. And finally I look forward to graduation in December of 2011. I know that anything can happen in the year of 2011, but I will trust my Savior. I hope that everyone will do the same. I hope that we all spend more time with our Savior, family and friends. Happy New Year to everyone.

Some pictures from the year 2010:


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