Introducing Another Blog!

I have decided to start another blog on social work. I am a social work major and I thought it would be cool to have another blog focus on social work and my experience as I get ready for graduate school. I am learning so much at my internship and I just want to have a place to write down everything I am learning. Once the semester start, I will have another semester of social work classes and I know it will be a busy year. I get excited about my social work classes because since I go to a Christian College, I get to see how we as Christians handle certain situations from a perspective of a Christian. I really do hope that you all follow My Social Work Blog.


Arvind Mohan said…
nice blog...intelligent posts dear they all are awesome i'm lovin 'em all.Your point of view is just amazing.
I might spam your blog yet inviting you to have a view of my blog when free..
do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow blog...

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