Day 19- Something you regret

If I regret anything it would have been not getting involved in high school.I let every one's thought of me controlled what I did. I got made fun of in school and that just cause my confidence to go down. I wished I join activities, went for the cheerleading squad, join clubs within the school, and made more friends. I see myself now, that I don't let people's thought of me control what I can do. I am up for trying anything new and going for everything. I have big dreams and I will not let anything hold me back no matter what anyone says about me.


Mary Frances said…
Heeeey I just came across your blog...when you have a chance check out my blog!!! Its fun, uplifting, humorous and updated daily!!!
God bless!!!
Mary :)
Annie said…
High school - it is a history. Living in the present is the most important thing. I always tend to live in my future but I know that it shouldn't be that way.

Good luck with controlling your life! (:
andrea said…
just know that when you have the friends that you CAN count on...that is all that counts. those in hs were not worthy of you. u are a beautiful person inside of out. just do NOT forget that.

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