Day 22- Something that upsets you

There are a lot of things that upset. So I will make a list of things that upset me.

1. Seeing the homeless on the streets
2. Hearing stories and seeing children being abused
3. Seeing animals being abused
4. Seeing people and hearing about people in my family not doing well
5. To see children or anyone being teased. I would never want anyone to go through that like me.


I agree. I am upset by hurting of any kind. I know that our Father has a reason for abuses that we witness and abuses we experience. As I grow older and more courageous, I step in and do what I think the Lord would have me do. But, this kind of action creates wariness--wariness in the abused and abuser. I do what my heart tells me, stay steeped in prayer and keep walkin'. Blessings and thank you for your post!
You definitely have the heart of God.

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