Day 27- Your favorite place

My favorite place is STARBUCKS. I LOVE Starbucks. I love being there especially in the morning. I love going there before church, writing in my journal and reading my Bible. I love being there to just to be there with friends. I love their Chai and their sandwich. As I write this, I smile because I think I am addicted to Starbucks. Every time I ride past Starbucks, I just have to have my Chai. I love my Chai in the winter, because it is so warm and I always have a good feeling.  


Alicia said…
I love Starbucks, too! My favorite is the white mocha!
aliciamarie911 said…
I also love Starbucks! I actually was a barista for them for almost 2 years.
chaka said…
guess what I found are not going to like this but the chai at Panera Bread is better!!!! Try it you might not turn back. :)

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