Day 30- A Last moment

Spring 2011,  is the year that I graduate. Instead of graduating in May I will graduate in December of 2011. I have been with my roommate since 2007 and I have a lot of memories with her. I can't believe that four years went by so fast. Last week, I got to hang out with her early in morning for Breakfast and it was a moment I will never forget. It reminds me of all the times we hang out with each other down town in our college town. I will miss hanging out with her at out school. I will miss us quoting our favorite movie and TV quotes. I know that the semester is over but we will be forever be best friends. I wish her the best in grad school as a social worker. I pray that she would continue to let God lead and direct her.


OMGosh I think that is such a beautiful thing when you can become friends with your roommates, it such a great feeling. I wish the both of you much success in this life. God is good, and that is such a blessing as well to be near graduation and KNOW you're going to graduate! CONGRATULATIONS to you both and the class of 2011
cee said…
i love your blog!! and i feel the same way too. i'm graduatin this year too n i miss my roommate already:)!!
The Experience said…
Hi, I love your blog! Please visit the Experience...I think you may find something you'll like :)
Mrs. Pancakes said…
i should have participated in the 30-day challenge!

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