I'm Back in New York!

I first want to say thanks to all that prayed and left comments on my blog while I was away. I will visit every ones blog when I get a chance. I am back from my internship in Aliquippa, PA. I had an amazing time with the staff and the kids. I was assigned to work with the 1st and  2nd graders. The children were awesome to work with. I learn so much about the kids and myself in working with them. I fell in love with the ministry of Aliquippa Impact. I know that the Lord is present in this community despite all the negative comments that are said by others. The community is look down on but the people of Aliquippa are amazing and loving. I have meet some great people and I will miss them. One thing I walk away knowing that even in darkness God is present. God is working in the lives of people. My prayer for a ministry like Aliquippa Impact, is that He world bless them, strengthen and guide them.


Wow !
I envy you New York :)
Alicia said…
How exciting for you!!!! I will have to catch up on your blog!!!

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