Piece from my Journal

From time to time, I post my journal prayers to God on my blog. I would love to share what I was experiencing during my internship from the Summer. It was a challenging and great learning experience that I will never forget.

Dated, 6-25-2011

Abba, this week has been so great. Challenging but great. Being here in Aliquippa, has changed my thoughts about life. Change my worldview of life...I absolutely love it here, love what your doing here. It amazes me and I want to be apart of it. Apart of Your story. A story that uplifts, redeems, convicts and brings joy all at the same time. I know that I am a person who is not worthy but I want to be used by You. I want to follow you and forsake myself. I learned about prayer. Prayer should be a apart of every Christians life. I pray that my life would encompass prayer. That it would be a place, I confess, bring praises and thanks to Your Name....Forever to seek Your Name and peace. Amen"


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I pray God continues to transform you!

Irene Cortez said…
God is probably smiling at you right now, Asia. I am touched by your honesty and your willingness to make a difference in the world in His name.

God bless! :-)

Asia said…
Thanks everyone.

Aliquippa in is PA. Close to Prittburg
I love journaling to Him too
Carmella said…
Thanks for sharing your journal entry it's a true inspiration. I pray for your continue strength and way with words.

Take care...Carmella...
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