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Can sin be managed?

Maybe your power to defeat sin looks like this: 
" better for a while, then sin again.Embarrassment, confess again, ask God to take away the desire, then sin again, confess again, sin again, confess again, shock, more determination to stop sinning, think about it a lot, examine it. Make promises, create some boundaries, sin again, now even worse than before. Despair, anger, shame, distance from God, guilt. self-condemnation, Self-loathing....sin again. Disillusionment, doubt, self-pity, resentment at God: Why doesn't he hear my prayers?Why doesn't he do something? More anger. The fear that we allow ourselves to get angry with God. Then real confession, heartfelt one, and a sense of cleansing. Ah, a new start. Things seem better. Yeah, I've finally got this sin under control.Oops, sin again..." -TrueFaced by Thrall, McNicol, Lynch

 Question to you all: 
 Is it by your own power to defeat sin daily?