WOW! It's Been So Long....

I can't believe I have taken this long to write a new blog post. So much has happen since I written my last post. To catch you all up to whats new in my life, I will write a list of things below:

1) I was inducted into the National Honor Society
2) I graduated and received a Bachelors in Social Work
3) I applied to University of Maryland, Temple University and Morgan State University. I am now waiting to see what school I will be accepted into.

I am happy to be a graduate and I am excited to what is next in my life. Though I hate waiting at times, I will trust God as He leads and direct my steps. I hope that my readers will keep me in prayer about school and possible moving to a new State. I am too exited and I will let you all now what schools I got accepted into. Also, will try my best to update my blog with new post.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and will use this week to check out blogs and leave comments.


Guyanesesista said…
Kathy Schneider said…
Congrats on graduating and good luck getting into those schools!
Asia said…
Thanks ladies!

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