Journal Entry #4 -Struggles with sin

Abba, I ask that You would forgive me of every sin that I have done. Forgive me for my anger. It is something I do and I need Your grace......I am glad I struggle because if I did not there would be no need to get closer to You. I want to have a relationship with You, to grow as a woman of God. Let my eyes always be open to the truth of Your Word, the truth of myself. Let my ears to attentive to Your voice that I will by Your grace live in obedience to You. Hear my words tonight, promise me that You would help me to humble myself. Be my life, Write my life story, my love story with You.....I love You. Thanks for loving a person like me. You are my everything, all I have and all I will ever need. You satisfied my every need. You wake me up, You gave me life. I praise You.



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