Finally It Is Here!!!

My Master of Social Work Diploma from Temple University
I started graduate school last year and I was excited. The program was advance standing and the courses were fit into one year and it was hard! There were many struggles, for example finding a job that did not conflict with my class or internship hours. My days consist of late night studying, going to professors for extra help and praying to God to help me do well in my classes. I worked hard and I am glad to be done. Glad to say I did well with my GPA too. Right now I am looking for a job and hoping to find volunteer opportunities working with Veterans or hospital settings. My days since I have graduated are tough but I am looking forward to what is next in life.
For those that graduated with a degree, was it hard to find employment? How did you handle the job search and the rejections?


Ugomma Ukam said…
See you at the top:)

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