Day 3: When I grow up.....

"When I grow up I want to be...." 

When I think of this post I can't help but to feel weird or laugh because somethings came true, some did not, and some I am not sure will come true. I also think that at different stages of my life I had dreams of what I wanted to be...........

As a 7 year old.....

 I wanted to be a doctor. I did not know what exactly but I knew I wanted to help people. 

I wanted to be a Christian. I can remember praying to God almost every-night that He would save me. Also with this prayer, I would ask God for my family and I to move to New York. At the age of 12, I moved to New York. During a Christmas Eve, church service is when I believe I became a Christian. 

As an 16 year old.....

I wanted to be married with kids. I wanted to have the privilege and opportunity to serve God in ministry of marriage and grow my children in a Christian home. I did not grow up in a Christian home, but I prayed that God would allow for this prayer to come true. I also wanted to adopt children in America. I hope that I could give children a home. Not sure if this will ever happen, to be a wife and mother.....

I wanted to be a social worker. I hoped to be a school social worker. Well, there is still time, I guess. I hope to be able to be a competent Social Worker who is able to work among different populations. Right now I am serving older adults who are terminal ill and disable.

I wanted to be a photographer. My love for photography began in High School. I learned different techniques and how to develop film. Photography is my heart and makes me happy. 

As an 21 year old....

I wanted to still be a Social Worker but in the Army. I currently serve adults who have depression and anxiety from being in war. Being a Social Worker in the Army is a long...long process but I will do what is needed to be a Social Worker in the Army. 

Present day....I am a Christian and a Social Worker. What is next, only God knows. I look forward to the days and months to come. 

What did you want to be?

At this present time, are you want you hope to be?

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